Three unusual facts about horses

Posted on January 5, 2016

Three horsesYou may think you know everything there is to know about horses. But did you know that a horse has a memory like an elephant? Or that the volume of a horse’s eye is 9 times larger than a human’s?

Here are three mind-blowing facts about horses that you probably didn’t know.

1. The Eyes Have It

Horse eyes are pretty cool. First, they’re big. Really big. They’re the largest of any land mammal – up to nine times larger in volume than human eyes.

Beyond being big, they focus differently than human eyes. The upper part of the eye can see longer distances, and the lower part of the eye can see objects that are closer. The horse shifts its head up or down depending on whether it’s looking far or near.

That means that you will never need to buy your horse bifocals.

2. Horses Can’t Throw Up

Virtually every other species of mammal has this survival mechanism. Throwing up can get rid of toxins or lighten a full stomach when fleeing a predator.

In an article for Equus magazine, veterinarian Joe Bertone says that the muscles in the horse’s lower esophagus are “much stronger than in other animals.” Not only that, horses’ stomachs and esophagi meet at a much lower angle, their ribs block the abdominal muscles from squeezing the stomach, and the neural pathways that govern their vomit reflex are weak.

So it’s true: horses cannot throw up. Scientists are still investigating whether or not they get hangovers.

3. Amazing Memory

A study in 2010 revealed that horses have superb memories. They remember and are loyal to humans with whom they “have had past, positive encounters.”

Be gentle to a horse, and you have a friend for life!

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