Boots made in the USA

Posted on July 7, 2015

Made-in-USAThere are plenty of western stores out there with cheap boots on the shelves, and it’s a tempting choice. Ours aren’t that cheap, but ours are made in the USA.

While we know that we don’t offer the cheapest boot in the country,”Made in the USA” is much more than just a phrase. Knowing what effort goes into your boots and keeping them in shape might help prove that point.

Rios of Mercedes, who makes our line of boots and their own line, has been in business since 1853. Back then, cowboy boots were being put to the true test – cattle drives across the country. Both Rios of Mercedes and Logan boots are built by companies that have been American-owned for decades. And we’re still building boots for people who actually use them.

Over the years these boot-makers have been building footwear made to outlast whatever punishment you put them through. It’s a strong history and tradition, but we aren’t resting on our laurels.

Logan Western Supply offers customer support that you simply won’t find from many western stores in the country. When you call us, you aren’t getting an answering service. You’re speaking with somebody who knows our products and can meet your needs without any hassle. And when your boot is worn out, send it to back to us and we’ll re-sole it, whether it’s been three months or three years since you bought them.

There may be plenty of western stores with cheap boots, but they aren’t giving you an American-made boot designed to hold strong through any job. If that’s the kind of boot you’re looking for, look no further than Logan Western Supply.

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