New soles for your favorite boots!

Posted on April 12, 2013

New solesDo you have holes in your soles? Have you worn one toe down or your heels off? We can fix that. Send us your Logan, Rios of Mercedes, or Anderson Bean boots and we will send them back to the factory to get resoled.

Why send them to us and not your local repair shop?

Why not give your boots the best? We send them back to factory and they completely take the sole off relast them and resole them. No half soles, half fixes, or changed sizes here. Your boots will look brand new or as close to new as possible. Our boots are made to last so if you give them a chance we can strap on a new pair of soles and put your favorite pair of boots back in action sometimes time and time again:)

Prices are determined by the sole you choose and the wear on your boots. The easiest way to say it, is the bigger the hole the more they are going to cost. Try to send them back before you can see your socks it will save you some money!

  • Leather soles good $150–bad $170
  • Hybrid soles good $170–bad $200
  • Crepe soles good $90 bad–$120

It takes 90 days to resole them determining on the amount at the factory.

Like always we our proud to produce an American made product and all the resoling and re-crafting of your boots will be done in the USA. Let us take care you and your favorite boots. Call with any questions!

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