A Perfect Match

Posted on April 12, 2013

Dyed bootLogan’s offers dyeable boots

End your search for the perfect color of boot to match your pants, chaps, or skirts here. Logan’s can match any color to the perfect shade that will go flawlessly with your outfit for a winning look.

  • Logan’s offers three adult styles and one kids style to dye. The adult styles include *Logan Sand Full Quill Ostrich $399…Full Quill is beautiful, timeless, and durable
  • Logan Channel Kid $290…..Channel offers a totally smooth finish
  • Logan Sand Smooth Belly Ostrich $290….Is durable like full quill but offers a much smoother look, and a 13 inch top for added appeal.
  • Anderson Bean Kids style k7000….is a fantastic kids boot that will be sure to make any little one stand out in a crowd.


How to get started

First if you have never worn a pair of Logan boots we need to get you sized so that you get the perfect fit for your dyed boot. Just give us a call we have very successful talking to you about your size over the phone.

If you already know your size, just give us a call to check on availability in the style of your choice and we will save it for you while we wait for your color swatch to arrive.

If you already have a pair of the dyable styles that have not been dyed or that you would like to dye a different color we can help with that too. Even if your boot have been used we can still clean them up and dye them!!! If you have previously dyed them they can be re-dyed a darker shade but the color must be approved by a Logan employee first. (They can always be dyed black)!!!

How long does the process take?

If we know your size and have the boot in stock it generally takes about two weeks. We understand that sometimes they need to be rushed so we offer overnight shipping and a quicker turn around for an additional price.

How much does it cost to dye a boot?

Dye $135
Ship $30

Like all of our products we stand behind our dye job they are NOT spray painted but actually dyed. We have hundreds of customers who have enjoyed our dyed boots and we look forward to completing your outfit.

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